Monday, July 29, 2013

FEATURE: Gallagher Girls Read-A-Thon

Hi Swooners

So I just got wind of something that im absolutely FANGIRLING over right now. Books As You Know It is hosting a read-a-thon for the Gallagher Girls series...with just over a month left before the final book is released I think this read-a-thon came at the PERFECT time!!

This read-a-thon is open to ANYONE: Including first time readers, re-readers, bloggers, etc.

The point is to read all the books before the 6th and final book is released in September. So take a look at the schedule below and decide if this is the right thing for you...As a HUGE fan of the Gallagher Girls series i'm INSISTING that you take the challenge (jk..but really though)

July 29th-Aug. 4th:

Aug. 5th-11th:
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You

Aug. 12th- 18th:
Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy

Aug. 19th-25th:
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

Aug. 26th-Sept.1st:
Only the Good Spy Young

Sept. 2nd-8th:
Out of Sight, Out of Time

For more info on this AWESOME read-a-thon, please visit Books As You Know It's Blog or click here

P.S. The deadline to participate and win the prize for this read-a-thon is August 4th...So get a move on!!

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