Friday, March 28, 2014

FEATURE: This Or That Tag

Thank you to Amy-Anne over at The Blog Hermit (Awkward Donkey) for tagging me for the This Or That post. This is my first time participating in one of these so I’m excited!

The rules:
1.      Answer the questions given to you
2.      Give the people you nominate the same questions
3.      Nominate three people
4.      Let the amazing three know that they've been tagged

So here we go!

Hair up or down?
Definitely DOWN! Even though I live in Miami, FL and it’s way too hot to have my hair down all the time, but it just looks so much prettier.

Dessert or fruit?
As much as I love fruit I’m going to go with DESSERT because hey, it’s delicious, right!?

Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
Shirt and sweatpants (or preferably jeans)! I actually HATE wearing dresses. They just don’t suit my figure at all!

One Direction or Jonas Brothers?
Ummm seriously? Hello!??! Me and the Jonas Brother’s go wayyyyy back!! So yea, I’m definitely a JoBro fan!!

Radio or iPod?
I have to say radio only because I have almost 2,000 songs on my iPod and I’m constantly skipping over things and listening to the same songs all the time. I love the variety the radio offers and that I can find new songs to adore!

Sleepover at your house or at a friend’s house?
Friend’s house! I live with my grandparents so there isn’t much fun to be had there…They’re old school and strict in that sense!

Cookies or apples?
Hmmm, let’s see…COOKIES!!!

Playing cards or painting?
I love games that I can play with other people (I’m a board game junkie!) so I have to go with playing cards!

In a board game, would you rather be a green or a white piece?
Green! Duh! That’s one of my favorite colors! Besides white is sooo boring…I swear I don’t own anything white!

So that’s it for me. Let’s keep the game going. I tag:

Ivana @ Bookish Teens
Joana @ Joana In The Sky With Books


  1. great answers (theyre mainly the RIGHT answers too! (; )

    nice post!

  2. Aren't you wearing a dress in your profile picture on here? But I'm so glad you chose jeans & shirt - everyone else whose answers I've read chose dresses and I was really worried...

    Thankyou for tagging! Here's mine: :)

    1. Haha nope i'm wearing a blouse and jeans lol

  3. I loved your answers! I agree with MOST of them! Hahaha :)
    Thanks for tagging me! I am answering them as we speak (well..."speak" :) )


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