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REVIEW: My Dream of Freedom by Helen Colin

My Dream of Freedom by Helen Colin
Publication Date: April 8, 2013
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My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Amazon):

Despite great personal pain, Helen Colin chose to share her story of survival during the Holocaust from the first day of her liberation from Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, where she addressed German civilians. Presently, she continues to share her history with all who are willing to listen, enduring the pain of recounting because she wishes that her struggles during this time of Nazism be seen as epitomizing hope against despair and compassion against hatred, bias and bigotry.

Helen wants others to see her not as a victim, but as a survivor. She feels boundless gratitude to her beloved America for providing her, her family and future generations with the opportunities afforded to those who are ready and willing to cherish the precious freedom she had all but lost. She wants only that the world embrace one promise: Respect one another.

“Butterflies are free and so am I.” Helen Colin

Helen Colin does a beautiful job at sharing her story of survival with readers. Of course we all know that it's such a sad story, as they all are, but Helen does such a great job at showing us her happy memories before the war and after the war. My heart has always held a special place for all Holocaust related stories ever since childhood. I can remember the first time I learned about the Holocaust and the effect it had on me. To this day, it is the only piece of history that I have ever truly cared about. 

I truly admire Helen for the inspiration she gives people just by being near them. Even in her book, she chose to focus on the happiness that her freedom brought rather than linger on the pain from her past, all while still sharing her message of hope, peace and respect. 

I was lucky enough to have met Helen at her book signing in Houston, Texas, her hometown, in November 2013. Meeting her was such a wonderful experience that I know I will always cherish. Her words and message were inspiring in ways that one could never truly understand until you meet her, or other survivors like her. This book is truly one of my most prized possessions. 

Helen Colin and myself at her book signing in Houston, TX- November 2013

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