Friday, April 18, 2014

FEATURE: Poetry Friday~ Maya Angelou

Morning Swooners,

Sorry for the late post, I was swamped with Good Friday activities and was unable to get my post up. So anywho, let's get into it. We're in the middle of National Poetry Month and this week's featured Poet is one of my absolute favorite authors, Maya Angelou. She has written so many beautiful poems and stories in her lifetime and every one of them has touched my soul in one way or another. She is an inspiration to many people, myself included, and I strive to build a better life for myself daily because of her struggles. I hope you enjoy these poems and I hope they bring you as much joy (and emotions) as they have always brought me.

Senses of Insecurity
I couldn't tell fact from fiction
      or if my dream was true,
The only sure prediction
      in this whole world was you.
I'd touched your features inchly,
       heard love and dared the cost.
The scented spiel reeled me unreal
       and I found my senses lost.

Just for a Time
Oh how you used to walk
With that insouciant smile
I liked to hear you talk
And your style
Please me for a while.

You were my early love
New as a day breaking in Spring
You were the image of
That caused me to sing.

I don't like reminiscing
Nostalgia is not my forte
I don't spill tears
On yesterday's years
But honesty makes me say,
You were a precious pearl
How I loved to see you shine,
You were the perfect girl.
And you were mine.
For a time.
For a time.
Just for a time.
They Ask Why
A certain person wondered why
a big strong girl like me
wouldn't keep a job
which paid a normal salary.
I took my time to lead her
and to read her every page.
Even minimal people
can't survive on minimal wage.

A certain person wondered why
I wait all week for you.
I didn't have the words
to describe just what you do.
I said you had the motion
of the ocean in your walk,
and when you solve my riddles
you don't even have to talk.

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