Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FEATURE: Thoughts on Catching Fire (The Movie)

Morning swooners,

So before I say anything else, I have to let you know that there are SPOILERY WATERS UP AHEAD! READ WITH CAUTION!! 

Now, where was I? Right! I was about to tell you that I was actually able to see Catching Fire this weekend....twice! And after having gone through an emotional three day recuperation period, I find that I am STILL.NOT.OKAY!!

So, finding inspiration from my friends Betsy and Melody over at Bookcrastinators in Wonderland, I have decided to express my feelings about this movie via GIFs because there are truly not enough words in the dictionary to explain my emotions right now...

For those of you that haven't seen the movie...you need to do so ASAP!! For those you of that haven't read the books yet...what are you waiting for??? Special invitations come via screams on this blog and I'm officially screaming at you to GO READ THIS SERIES!!!! (Then we can flail around talking about our feeeeeelingssss)

So here it goes, this is my heart on a platter for you. Do with it what you will, it's emotionally damaged anyway!

While watching the previews, anxiously waiting for the movie to start:

When Feature Presentation came on the screen:

From then on is when I really become an emotional wreck!!!

When Katniss shoots the turkey and has a "meltdown"

Swooning over Gale:

Swooning over Peeta:

When we meet Finnick:

Swooning over Finnick:


When Effie is sad for Peeta and Katniss:

Whenever President Snow is around:

When Cinna is attacked in front of Katniss:

***Realizing that Peeta will NEVER be the same***

When the Dome breaks and they rescue Katniss:

Emotionally distressed after the movie:

So that's me in a nutshell swooners. I still have so many emotions to work through right now, but I know I will get there. When I start thinking about what Mockingjay has in store, my eyes truly tear up. For now though, I will deal with this emotional roller coaster day-by-day.

My advice:

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