Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hi Swooners!

So this weekend was a GREAT weekend for me because I got to spend it doing what I love to do, with the people that I love to do it with...The crew and I took a nice (long) road trip to Charleston, South Carolina to go to YALLFest!

There were about 50 authors there and I got all my pretty books signed and even had some time to hit a panel or two. Plus I got to meet Veronica Roth AND get my Divergent copy signed by her which was, in a word, EPIC!
Veronica Roth Signing!

Of course, I didn't forget about my lovely followers, and I was able to score some sweet swag for you! As well as a few signed copies of some GREAT books that I know you're all going to love! I'll post the giveaways up soon, no worries!

Until then, i'll leave you wondering about what kinds of goodies I now have in my possession... 

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